Project Results: Forestry and Landcover

Forest height is one of the important parameters for the logging industry as well as a crucial input to the biomass estimation for climate models. There are no large-area methods available to estimate this parameter. The results verified within this Project indicate a possible solution to this problem using polarimetric radar satellite data. These results are very relevant for Russian forestry since forest fires and monitoring of increasingly illegal logging are severe problems economically and ecologically.

A method for definition of real party of complex dielectric permeability in meter and decimeter wave length range worked out.

A method for definition of forest effective conductivity was developed. This method is based on the theory of flat radio wave propagation in semi-absorbing medium.

The seasonal variations of effective forest�s conductivity and frequency dependencies in range 0.1-1.0 GHz are presented. These dependencies obtained to solve the problem of dispersion of effective conductivity and to make some conclusion.

The measurement complex for L-, C- and X-band was developed. It consists from 30-meter high mast with a rotating mechanism, which enables scanning of parabolic antennas in horizontal and vertical planes. The setup is used for one-or two-positional static effective scattering surface (ESS) measurements of layer medium.
Forrest Classes Bargusin
Bargusin Forest Classes

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